Lifeforce Mastery

the alchemical union of water and fire.


is the ancient practice of achieving perfect health

through the transmutation of our physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Kan+Li brings together ancient lineages of medical and taoist qigong, presenting them in a clear, accessible way.

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All new students are encouraged to take The Tree of Qigong short course prior to other modules of the training.
This is to ensure a base level of understanding and knowledge of the bigger picture within the qigong universe.

Choose English o Español.

Berenice Apóstolo

Damián es gran maestro que me llevo cada vez más a profundizar en mi camino de reconexión. Aprendi chikung con el y eso me ayudo a sentir mis canales y energía de manera mágica, y a reconocer y trabajar en purificar los chakras y así poder liberar emociones. Aprender de su visión es un privilegio.

Mayra Trejo

Cuando comencé este trabajo interior y aprendí a sentir tu energía con el QiGong, sentí que debía tomar esta práctica para mí y luego me entusiasmé a convertirme en Instructora. Las clases con Damian son sencillas y enriquecedoras. Cuando comienzas a notar cambios en tu vida con la práctica continua de esta disciplina, si realmente quieres “despertar” y vivir una vida plena y en armonía, no quiero nada más.

Giorgia Maricchio

Damian's patience and grace in sharing the teachings and supporting you psychologically is huge. For me it was a great support at the moment where I needed it most. Taking the course Qigong Teacher Training was a life-changing event. I fell in love with Qigong. Infinitely grateful, highly recommended.



We are currently reshaping our school syllabus.

Please check back soon.

 Flower of Vitality

Purifies and cleanses your energy and aura. Start here if you are new. Strong roots ensure sweet fruits.

Soaring Crane

Modern medical qigong for overall health and longevity. This is a favorite or older students given its gentleness.

Flower of Health

Deeply heals your inner organs and emotions. Do this one if you are recovering from illness or want to strengthen your immunity.

 Hu Long

Abbreviation of Damo's Yi Jin and Xi Sui Jing. Active set that will give you strength, flexibility and flow.

Flower of Bliss

Brain and nervous system health. This meditative qigong will take you deeply within while healing your sexual energy.

5 Animals + Long Ji

Ancient 5 Animal set and a rare form for spine health. A more martial set, great for fitness + energy development.

Lu Gong + Sexual Gong

Classical qigong sets for sexual health. Includes rare Neigong Inner cultivation) sets and a traditional stamina-libido booster form.

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About The Teacher

Damian Orvañanos began training qigong and martial arts at the age of 16, and teaching by the age of 20. He has been teaching uninterruptedly since then.

He has teachers from America, Europe and Asia and continues to learn from them to this day. In 2016 he created Kan+Li Qigong School and has since formed over 50 instructors.

He strives to have broad understanding of energy dynamics, even outside traditional qigong and taoism. Through the years he has trained in psychotherapy (he is a clinical psychologist), as well as psychotropics, many forms of meditation, spirituality, yoga, tantra and shamanism. This gives him a unique view of the self and the psyche, as well as the role of qi in human experience.