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Psychothrapy 1-on-1

One-hour face-to-face Zoom sessions tailored to your needs. Explore your wounds, fears and patters to harness your unconscious potential and reach new levels of clarity, joy and understanding.

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KAN+LI Qigong 

Learn the ancient Chinese Spiritual Path of Energy Mastery. After 25 years of practice and study, I share Qigong clearly, in simple words and in a way that will make you want to practice all the time!

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Premium Spiritual Counseling Program

My 8-Week Deep Dive is only for selected clients who expect the best. Get super-exclusive, unique advice specifically-tailored to you. You get it directly from me, face-to-face. PLUS: I am available constantly and follow your progress closely with daily check-ins.


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Powerful videos, delivered weekly to your email. Curated techniques from different spiritual traditions, self-therapy and energy development in a step-by-step program you can start anytime and do on your own time.

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Nice to meet you!

I'm Damian, a psychologist and spiritual counselor. I have been helping people develop their potential for over 25 years.

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Happy People

Alex Bonsall

His techniques and practices have been able to help me get all the way through difficult parts of myself.

Jasmin Arbinger

Best thing I did in a long time. This is like Natural Xanax! My anxiety is much more manageable. 

Lizet Proal

Hace un año salvé mi vida gracias a lo que aprendí de ti! Aprender de mis sueños y a sentir mi energía me ayudan muchísimo psicológicamente!

My methods

Four paths to explore:

to gain embodied clarity
 to develop life-energy
to expand Consciousness
to harness unconscious wisdom
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